Not every business has a simple office space, with 9-5 employees.  Some businesses can be more dangerous by nature of the job, others might have a complex product for the consumer.  The combinations of business operations are endless.

Complex Commercial Insurance Programs is an EFM specialty.  Our experience, expertise, and entrenchment in the Western New York community will give you the resources for the right coverage, the best price, and hopefully some nice referrals along the way as well.

From dog kennels, bakeries, restaurants, daycares, food trucks, and more – there isn’t a complex commercial case we can’t handle!

As your company grows, we’ll review your plan to make sure your coverage is up-to-date and the pricing remains competitive. It also means we are available throughout the year to respond to your changing needs.

Complex Commercial Insurance is similar to your standard business insurance – but has additional options and programs to help protect your business from the unique circumstances of its operations.

Our professionals will help you examine all of your options, determine which ones you are most comfortable with, and then structure your program accordingly. As market conditions change or your needs evolve, we’ll modify your program accordingly — or even recommend an entirely different approach. No matter how complex your business may be, our job is to help you have protection and prosperity.


Auto Dealership

  • Inventory Protection
  • Property Protection
  • Liability Protection
  • 1st and 3rd Party Employment Practices Coverage
  • Test Drives
  • Pollution Coverage on and off premise
  • Customer vehicle protection while in your care

Motorcycle Dealership

  • Property Insurance for building & contents
  • Physical damage coverage on your inventory
  • Liability insurance, including products/completed operations/EPLI
  • Insurance for your customer's units in for service or storage
  • Umbrella policy providing excess liability insurance


  • Child Care Center Coverage
  • Board of Directors/Trustees Protection
  • Employee Protection
  • Volunteers
  • Online training courses
  • Resources for safety
  • Discounts on background checks for prospective employees

Food Truck

  • Automobile Insurance
  • Loss of Use Coverage
  • Additional Insured Wording
  • General Liability
  • Property Protection
  • Proof of insurance certificates

Multi-Location Operations

  • Appropriate coverage for each state business is operating
  • Coverage for international business
  • Employee Benefits and coverage for each state
  • HR Services

Cyber Liability

  • Stolen data retrieval
  • Reimbursement of fraudulent charges
  • Notification costs to the affected individuals
  • Identity protection services
  • Damage control for your business reputation and lost income
  • Legal fees associated with the attack
  • Additional cleanup efforts

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Insurance Glossary

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Our advisors work  closely with our clients to create insurance programs tailored for their business needs.


Sit down with our advisors as often as needed to review coverage’s to serve your business needs to the best of our ability.

Risk Assessment

Our advisors and service staff analyze risk associated with your business and suggest coverage options, programs, and methods to protect your assets the best way possible.

Certificates of Insurance

Occasionally when entering a contract either written or verbal with another party, you may be required to present a certificate of insurance.  Although the certificate of insurance does not extend or alter coverage on the policies, it simply shows the coverages in force at the time of issuance.

Change Request

Advise our service staff of changes you would like made to your insurance policies and have them done the same day.  Contact us the way that is most convenient for you; online, email, fax, or phone.