Employment Opportunities

Emerling Floss Murphy & Associates (EFM) was established in July 2020, as the result of a merge of three prosperous Western New York insurance agencies combining to take their services to the next level.  This newly merged company brings a combined total of over 200 years of experience serving in the industry and over $50 million in yearly premium volume from commercial and individual accounts.

Emerling Floss Murphy & Associates are also proud members of the EMS Group, which is an independent insurance agency formed in 1995 with the purpose of expanding resources, and competitive advantages even further.  Other members of this group include Stahlka Agency, Inc., and McMahon Agency, Inc.

EFM partners with highly respected insurance companies which are carefully selected group of financially sound and reputable in the industry.

With that, EFM possesses a strong philosophy in business – success comes from outstanding service to our clients.  EFM is here to help their clients see protection and prosperity through quality insurance, reasonable prices, and a partnership that will help them see success.

If you decide to join the EFM team, we hope you embrace this philosophy and enjoy being a part of a very special, locally owned company in Western New York.